Monday 13/02/17


We invite you to have a laugh at The Camden Head , one of London’s most popular comedy clubs and it’s all for free!

The show starts at 8pm, but we advise leaving about an hour earlier. Ask a member of staff for more details.

Tuesday 14/02/17


 Join our Astor teams in Astor Hyde Park at 7pm, for a night of romance, shenanigans, and good deeds! Our Valentine day singles auction will make sure to offer all of the romance of this special day while raising money for the World Heart Beat Music Academy, an academy dedicated to improving children’s lives, one note at a time. You can find out more about the charity on their website, and let us know you’re coming on facebook.

Wednesday 15/02/17


 Come chill with us in our comfortable lounge for a movie night! The film is yet to be chosen but you will have popcorn to throw at the person who chose it if you don’t like it. Starting time will depend on when the lounge TV becomes available, but should start between 8-10pm. Feel free to check with staff members closer to the time or ask directly to Kaeman, our events inventor guy.

Thursday 16/02/17

Price: £4

Tonight is Chilli Night! Our wonderful ex-guest Gabriel is back in the kitchen to keep you hot in this cold weather.

Foodies will be available from 8pm!

Friday 17/02/17


Join our staff for a night out on the town! The plan is to have no plan, so we are open to recommendations. Feel free to ask a member of staff for more information or to give suggestions

Saturday 18/02/17

Price: £14

Our usual Central London Pubcrawl will take you on a journey through three London bars, with a free shot to be had in each place and many discounted drinks to be drunk all night long. The crawling will then end up in the Ministry of Sound where you can dance away the rest of the night. Tickets are £14 and we will be leaving the hostel around 8.45pm.

Sunday 19/02/17


Join us for a day out at the Barbican Conservatory, the second biggest one in London, and allow yourself to get lost in a tropical forest. Entrance is free and we will leave the hostel at 10.30am.